Holistic cares from the wellness center

3 rooms: one dedicated to massage
Our staff is from renowned backgrounds and share our wellness philosophy.


This place is before all a relaxing place.

The body is in the center of our preoccupation. The goal of this wellness care is to be relax.

Relaxation is well known to help with: heart frequency, respiratory failure, muscular pains, blood pressure … This is the best cure in order to be zen.

Spa cares :

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Relaxation Therapy :

Relaxation therapy combines relaxation methods around verbal protocol: sophrology, progressive relaxation, hypnosis, Yoga nidra…

A professional * will help people to find in themselves dedicated spaces for relaxation, and deep rest. The tools provided will help to free from useless tensions.

*the professional is a sophrologist: He is a pedagogue, gives best practices in order to help people to become independent.

Sophrology : Recognised by the member of state

Sophrology is a method based on a philosophy and a way of life, as well as therapy and a personal development.

Exercises are based on muscular relaxation, breathing, corporal movement and visualization.

It invites to a better consciousness.

It helps everyone to live quietly


Reflexology is smooth preventive method. It boosts the reflex zone of the foot. This massage helps the organs or the nervous system.

The foot is a body mapping.

The session could help to maintain and balance energy, ideal to relieve stress.

Can adapt to children, adult, senior, pregnant women.

The reflexologist is a professional wellness coach. Thanks to his touch, he helps people to care about their body and well-being.

Non regular care :

Some of our professionals work regularly with us.
Feel free to contact us concerning those specifics activities.

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