Discover and lost yourself in the forest !

Nested in the forest, La Cour du Château offers an unique authentic experience.
Time stops, to let the seasons pass by.
Ideal place to live in harmony with nature, to relax and ressource…

Discover the places

La Cour du Château, is an old outbuilding of Château de Montlieu, is situated in a glade in the middle of a 6 hectares private park.

The 15 villas, and most of the suites have an impressive view on the forest.

Thanks to the bay windows,the Spa is opened to the surrounding area, and is enjoying the light through the trees.

The walking path help to focus on yourself during a walking time, and explore the nature.

This is a shelter closed to Paris !

Le château de Montlieu

The castle was built in 1860-1910, it passed by many owners, such as Count Antoine d’Aure, King Louis the XIII, Charles the X, and Napoleon the IIIrd ’s horseman. In 2006, it has been sold and removed in rental home.
In the park you will find many hundred-year-old trees.

Animals in the castle

Lived surrounding by animals was obvious for us…

Donkeys, goats, sheep,…live here in harmony with deers…Real pleasure for children and adults.

Most of them, are very old, and have found shelter in the park.

Enjoy the « Sylvotherapy »

Nature is an atonishment, is inspiring. It invites us to dream, and recreate who we are.

It helps us to rebalance, and has some beneficence virtues which have a real impact for us:

« Sylvotherapy, helps you to improve the health thanks to the forest.

Person who are often walking in the forest, without any other goal, knows how good it feels.

Awakening sense, the silence and the beauty of the place will contribute the feeling of well-being, it has been proved that this kind has real impact on our muscular and mental.

Many studies have proved that walking in a forest helps to down the blood pressure, the heart rhythm, or stress. It improves the immune system, has a positive effect on many disorders such as anxiety, depression…

Shinrin-Yoku is renowned in Japan as a relaxing technic.

Build links with nature is a basic for human being.

If you are seeking for balance, freedom, resourcing…welcome in the forest !

Démarche éco-responsable

The outbuilding of the castle have been build in order to preserve and to make the building part of the landscape.

Built in harmony with the nature was the main theme:

Low-energy house, renewables energies (solar panels), low impact on the environment (low breakers savers, water savers, organic household products…)

We wanted to sensitize the travelers to the environment and to a simple way of live.

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