Leisure and activities

cernunnos_danemark_1The Rambouillet forest is not only a hunting place: nature lovers, walkers, horsemen, cyclists used to come here very often.
Closed to Paris, there is a lot of choices of walking, which help you to discover the forest to the natural Park of the Chevreuse Valley.

Contemplatives rides in the morning haze, dawdling in the forgotten paths, enjoying straddling on alley bordered by beech trees, pines trees …many joyful moments are waiting for you.
Be surprised by stags which are hiding in the high oak forest.
Get ready to explore many paths which built this country landscape, and rural villages.

Let this ancient vestige of the mythic forest of Carnutes charms you:
« Once upon a time… » between woods, ponds, small brook it is sure you will make enjoyable encounters with some of Cernunnos* people.
* Cernunnos: Celtic God, the cycles resumes and regeneration.

Our top choices

• Le château de Breteuil and its funny walk around Perrault’s stories.
• Rambouillet National Sheep pen for all the activities and manifestations around farming
• L’espace Rambouillet full of wild animals
• Les rochers d’Angennes à Poigny the forest, between rock and water
• Vaux de Cernay old cistercian abbey and its small brook
• Poetic place of Abbey of Port Royal des Champs.
• Holland Ponds which used to provide fountains in Château de Versailles.

For any further information, feel free to consult the tourism office of Rambouillet website (lien) : you will find some riding by feet, bike…or géocaching for your children.

You can also visit walking and trekking in Yvelines (lien)

Our recommandations for your outing in forest

Mix your stay with some wonderful walking moments in order to relax, ressource, meanwhile:

* Don’t leave the paths recommended in order to preserve nature
* Don’t leave trash after your stay!
* Don’t touch animals you may meet.

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