SPA conditions :

1/ Our care is supposed to relax. There is no link between these cares and medical practice, nor sexual connotation or sectarian. Those cares do not replace medical treatment.


2/ For safety reasons, the aquatic facilities are forbidden to children under 15, even if an adult accompanies them.


3/ The SPA access is not recommended to pregnant women, or people suffering from heart diseases, blood pressure problems, allergies, diabetes, and recent surgeries.
The Spa access is not allowed to people suffering infectious diseases.

Concerning all the cares, we invite you to contact a practitioner before coming.


4/ For safety and client wellness, the staff often goes to the aquatic zone.

5/ For obvious reasons, swimsuits are mandatory in the aquatic zone. Wearing sandals is highly recommended.

6/ We will ask you to respect the quietness of the place: please turn off the mobile phones, and behave rightfully.

Sexual relations are strictly forbidden in the SPA area.

Being in the SPA under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

7/ In case of impediment, we ask you to contact us 24h before the appointment. Bookings not cancelled will be billed.

8/ In case of late arrival, the care will be shorter but no price reduction will be applied.

9/ Staff and administration can’t be responsible for valuable objects or things you may forget. Wearing jewellery, glasses or contact lenses, is not advised in the SPA, high temperature can be dangerous.

10/Please respect the rent time.

All failure to the rules, allow us to put an end to your booking contract, with no refund.

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